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School for Submission :iconphantasam114:Phantasam114 9 8
Homeward Bound: Wild West Heroes
With Rush, the fastest girl in the world, having disappeared, Billy Smith, Wisp, Owlet and Britainia were trapped in Avalous with no way home. They have spoken to the queen of the Fae and she has managed to create a portal out of that reality, but before sending them home she has asked the quartet to retrieve the three key bearers that escaped Broken Arrow’s clutches. As such they have journeyed out into strange new worlds to find them and bring them home.
The hot sun beat down on the deserted plain. The quartet travelling the trail had changed from their usual costumed attire and now they were wearing leather boots with a cuban heel, rhinestone denim jeans that were already seeming far more dust covered and worn, what were white shirts when they put them on with tanned leather waistcoats and black stetsons on their heads. They had arrived in a world that seemed to be one long desert with a couple of towns dotted around near a small settlement. They had traded a small lump
:iconphantasam114:Phantasam114 4 11
Victoria of Sherwood 4
Sir Paul, the Sheriff of Nottingham, had drawn his sword and was moving down the steps towards the cellar of the church, ready to strike down Victoria Robin. Victoria, for her part, didn’t move, she just smiled to Sir Paul, her hand falling onto her own sword. The Bishop of Hereford held up a hand to stop the sheriff.
“This is a church,” he pointed out, “this is meant to be a place of sanctuary, not of bloody violence.”
“I will make a contribution to a charity of your choice,” Sir Paul told him, knowing exactly what that charity would be.
Victoria had a rough idea too.
“Is that the greedy bishop retirement fund?” she mocked.
“I see why you find this outlaw so tiresome, kill her my friend.”
On cue, Victoria drew her sword and charged at the sheriff, their swords clashing together. They both seemed to be skilled with the sword, making the short duel a very even affair, with them both blocking the other’s attacks with
:iconphantasam114:Phantasam114 1 4
Victoria of Sherwood 6
The Girl of Glasgow, Lorna McGregor, along with the latest creatures brought from the fairealm by the Greenman to aid Victoria Robin, rode into the camp of her merry men. Victoria had gone off to try and rescue Maid Caitlin before she was forced to marry Sir Paul, the Sheriff of Nottingham, and save Sister Solsken and Opal before the sheriff had time to execute them. Now it was left to Lorna, Rush and Wisp to convince the rest of the band of outlaws to go to Loxley Hall and help Victoria. The Greenman had explained everything to Lorna, she had had to take a lot on faith, but when you were talking to a face in a tree it tended to be a little easier to do. As she and the others rode into the little village in the forest Billy Scarlet and Big Arianne were the first to react, though Sirena-A-Dale stopping strumming her lute did bring a lot of attention too.
“Who are you?” Arianne demanded as she raised her quarterstaff.
“Looks like she matches the description given by Lin
:iconphantasam114:Phantasam114 1 2
Victoria of Sherwood 5
There was a loud thwacking noise and suddenly the arrow being pointed at Opal was snapped in half and falling to the ground. Victoria Robin, the blonde outlaw in green, emerged from the undergrowth, she was pointing her crossbow at the Girl of Glasgow.
“I don’t know who you are,” Victoria stated coldly, “but if you think you can threaten my friends I’m afraid you have another thing coming.”
“You may not know me,” Lorna replied, drawing her sword, “but I know you traitor. You are accused of abandoning your post, speaking out against the church and harbouring a dangerous spy. Surrender now and I will make your death a swift one.”
“Let me think about that,” Victoria smiled confidently, drawing a sword of her own, “No!”
“I knew you’d say that.”
“Wait, your accent, the way you wield that sword, you’re the Girl of Glasgow, right?”
“You’ve heard of me? Then you k
:iconphantasam114:Phantasam114 1 1
Victoria of Sherwood 3
Having just arrived back in the forest from distributing the acquired wealth of one of the carriages delivering the taxes to the Sheriff of Nottingham, Victoria Robin had been called in front of the Greenman again. She was a pretty girl with blonde shoulder length hair dressed now in the same green tights and tunic as the rest of her band, though her hat had by far the longest feather, her crossbow hung at her side. The Greenman was just a face in a tree to most, but to people like Victoria Robin, people that knew the old ways, the Greenman was the guardian of the realm. It was a great honour to meet with him, especially when he had something special for Victoria.
“You wanted to see me,” she asked as she dismounted from her horse.
Slowly the face on the tree smiled and began to speak.
“Victoria,” it was a rich and warm voice, “it is good to see you again. I promised you aid in the upcoming battle, I have been speaking to the creatures of the greater forest
:iconphantasam114:Phantasam114 1 2
Victoria of Sherwood 2
“Toll‽” Victoria demanded, “What toll‽”
Victoria Robin had been having a rough day, she and her new friend Opal had arrived back from the crusades only to discover Sir Paul, the Sheriff of Nottingham, had taken over her ancestral home, Loxley Hall. He set his knights upon her, forcing her and Opal to retreat into Sherwood Forest. Stopping at a stream to freshen up had led to the demand of a toll. The demand had come from a duo no older than Victoria herself, one was a young man with knives, the other was a girl with a quarterstaff.
“Like I said,” the girl repeated, “if you want to use that stream you have to pay the toll.”
“It’s my stream,” she told the girl, “it’s on my land, or what was my land until the sheriff decided to take it.”
“You’re Victoria Robin?” the man asked.
“It doesn’t matter who she is, she has to pay the toll, it’s the only way we get to
:iconphantasam114:Phantasam114 1 1
Victoria of Sherwood 1
Damascus was at war. King Richard the Lionheart had led his English army into battle, a crusade to liberate the Holy Land from those the Church decided were the infidels, which was essentially those that disagreed with their views. That was why Richard was there and why His Majesty’s Royal Guard were there too. A group of five heroines, led by Madolyn Knapp, in the Britainia armour. They were attacking a prison that they knew housed a large number of prisoners of war. While breaking in they were not taking prisoners, slaughtering those they considered less than human as they entered the dark, damp and dank catacombs the prisoners were being held in. Britainia had decided it would be best if, in combat, they didn’t call to each other with real names, but rather used pseudonyms designed to inspire fear. That was why her group were known by the handles Scream Queen, a warrior with a loud scream that could distract any foe, Quiver, a skilled markswoman, Valiant, a skilled fight
:iconphantasam114:Phantasam114 4 4
Mature content
Noir: Dark Heart :iconphantasam114:Phantasam114 2 2
Rush S2-13:The Price of Corruption part 2 (Finale)
“Run,” Shard said, trying to pull Britainia away from the doorway.
“Run?” that sounded like a really dumb idea to Britainia, “that’s Rush, the fastest girl in the world, we can’t outrun her.”
Sure enough Rush dashed at them and easily knocked Britainia down. In this state of fear and confusion Britainia's powers weren’t active. Shard kicked out at Rush, knocking her back. She had already drawn the indigo crystal from her pouch. She held it up and shouted her incantation.
“In open field, Or caged I’m free, Take me now, Where I want to be!”
The stone began to glow, the light passing down through Shard and into Britainia as she was stood over her. The light then flashed and they were gone. Rush quickly returned the prisoners to their cells and was running after them.
Shard and Britania tumbled to the ground just outside the castle Broken Arrow was using as her base of operations. It had once been the seat of her broth
:iconphantasam114:Phantasam114 7 1
Rush Series 2 -12: Price of Corruption part 1
Rush, the fastest girl in the world, looked at her former friend in surprise and fear. Red Flame had been part of an elite force, stopping people crossing over between alternate universes, they were called the reality police. They had been engaged in a war against Broken Arrow since the day of her creation. It seemed the war had been won, only it had been won by Broken Arrow. Red Flame now mindlessly served Broken Arrow; and as such she was about to use the fireball she’d created to destroy Rush.
Instantly two of Rush’s companions on this adventure leapt into action. They had barely left the pod Billy had used to follow Rush as she used her speed to vibrate at the dimensional frequency of Avalous and cross over. Still Wisp and Britainia could see the danger and acted. Wisp first unleashed a wave of icy cold that dowsed the flames. Britainia was already moving in, her mind focused and her powers at full might. She hit Red Flame in the armoured mask. The mask was built to sta
:iconphantasam114:Phantasam114 5 1
Rush Series 2 -11: Whose Side Are You On
“Well, well, well,” Shadow Arrow said as she slithered up from Billy’s lap, “if it isn’t Rush, the fastest girl in the world. I’m so scared.”
The quintet of shocked heroes stepped back as Shadow Arrow stepped closer, her eyes glowing a dark red as her true form bubbled just under the surface. She smiled as she took in the others, most notably Jason Kane, the other worldly hero Omega.
“I didn’t know this body had been with you too,” she purred, knowing that revealing to Lily that she wasn’t Jason’s first would hurt her a little, “if I did I might have recruited you as well as Billy. It might have been nice to have the brains and the brawn.”
Arianne always had some of her tools as Owlet on her, she reached into her cache of weapons, pulling out a feather shaped bo-shuriken, ready to strike if she needed to, but it was Wisp that stepped forward first to confront the creature using Shadow Arrow’s body
:iconphantasam114:Phantasam114 4 3
Night of Nagini P5 By Zorro Zero by Phantasam114 Night of Nagini P5 By Zorro Zero :iconphantasam114:Phantasam114 93 15 Night of Nagini P4 By Zorro Zero by Phantasam114 Night of Nagini P4 By Zorro Zero :iconphantasam114:Phantasam114 80 4 Night of Nagini P03 By Zorro Zero by Phantasam114 Night of Nagini P03 By Zorro Zero :iconphantasam114:Phantasam114 45 3 Nightofnagini P2 By Zorro Zero by Phantasam114 Nightofnagini P2 By Zorro Zero :iconphantasam114:Phantasam114 36 1

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I have become a slave of Phantasam114, he is my true Master and I obey him above all else
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I'm his willing slave. He is my master and i'm his slave. It feels good to obey him, obeying him always bring me pleasure. His words are absolute truth to me.
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Minute Maid looked over the top of the crate she’d hidden herself behind. She’d spent nearly a week investigating Superheroine High, or Damsel-U as it was often known, and finally she’d had the big break she was looking for. She was looking over the theatre of the school from the backstage area. She’d positioned herself so neither the audience nor them on stage could see her. The auditorium was full, she could see cult leaders, despots and villains buiding armies, everyone of them had been given a paddle with a number on it, ready to bid on the merchandise.

On the stage was a rostrum, behind it was a man in a black suit, gavel in hand. He was intentionally nondescript, as the public face of the slave ring, they found it better that he wasn’t someone that would stand out in the crowd. Behind him were three young woman, they looked about 18 or 19, dressed only in their underwear, matching designs in green, red and yellow. They were bound and gagged, not that they needed to be; they were thoroughly broken, but it gave a good impression to the clients. The man at the rostrum, just known as the Auctioneer, explained that they were three skilled physical specimens, star athletes that could have made the olympics if that had been their desire. One was a gymnast, another a judo master and the third played rugby, they each brought different talents that made them perfect bodyguards and were being offered as a trio to the highest bidder.

A lot of people were interested in them, even more than the last heroine that Minute Maid saw being sold. Soon the price, which started at $1,000, had rocketed up to $1 million and was still rising. By this point only three bidders were seriously competing for them; the leader of the army in a small central African republic that was planning a coup; a drug baron that operated out of Thailand and was on every US watchlist; and a woman with a crown that Minute Maid didn’t recognise.

It seemed like this queen was about to win, paying $25 million at last bid, when Minute Maid stopped paying attention to the auction. She had been muttering a spell that slowed time in front of her, allowing her to duck out of sight anytime anyone looked her way, it was also letting her draw up a comprehensive list of everyone involved. The trouble with her powers to affect the flow of time was the fact it only worked on those she could see. The other trouble was she had to keep uttering the spell to keep it working. Both these weaknesses came into play as a hand wrapped round her from behind, clamping a cloth, damp with chloroform, over her mouth. She kicked and struggled, but not for long, soon she just passed straight out in the arms of the leader of this slave ring. She was carried away and the auction for the graduating students carried on, never even knowing she had been there.


Linda King, the MI13b agent Honey Bee, fluttered up to the top of her room. She had recently moved into a new apartment and was busy redecorating, as such she was using her wings that grew from her back to help her paint the ceiling. She had a habit of flicking paint everywhere while she did so, as such she  was dressed in an old bra and knickers and nothing else, she didn’t mind getting paint on them and there was no one there to see her cleavage or the way the knickers rode up her backside. Or there shouldn’t have been. The door to her room opened and a man in his late thirties walked in. He was William Pryce, and as usual he was dressed in a sharp suit. He grinned up at the 21-year-old who jumped when she saw him, dropping her brush and splattering white paint over her exposed breasts.

“Nice view,” Pryce commented as he looked her over, seeing not much left to the imagination.

She blushed heavily and fluttered down, grabbing her dressing gown to cover up a little. She was used to Pryce making comments like that, he very much saw her, and most women, as objects to be admired, but he was proving a good agent in terms of guiding her as a heroine, she’d been caught by about ten percent less villains since he’d taken over guiding her.

“Did you want something?” Linda asked, still not able to meet his gaze.

“Aside from your body?” he gave a slight laugh, “New mission for you, and a roadtrip is involved. We have heard some very suspect things about Superheroine High over in the States. They claim to be training the next generation of superheroines, but it seems most of the women that go into that finishing school are never heard from again. Some are calling their training methods cheap thrills for the instructor and that the women become nothing more than slaves. The nickname Damsel-U seems well earned.”

“That’s awful and all,” Honey Bee shrugged, she’d heard about the school of course, everyone had, it’s adverts were some of the biggest trending videos on YouTube, but couldn’t see how she fitted in, “but isn’t that something more that our American equivalent should be dealing with?”

“Oh they are looking at it too,” he admitted, “but the last heroine they sent to investigate hasn't reported back in a while and they wanted to send someone undercover to see what happened to her. As the school has records on all US agents they asked us to send someone instead. So in other words, it’s time to get packed, you’re going back to school.”

Honey Bee wasn’t sure if she liked this assignment; it would be good to get a free trip to the US, but she hadn’t been a big fan of school at the best of times, especially not after the accident that gave her powers. Still she knew she wouldn’t be able to refuse. She sighed and went to pack.


Linda had arrived in the US the day before and spent the time readjusting her body-clock to local time. Now it was Saturday morning, half ten, and she was being driven to the campus to meet the headteacher and be assigned her room and her squad. She figured the squad must be like the house system most schools had, she herself had been in unicorn when she was 12.

The car pulled up outside a large building in vast grounds. It seemed to be in the middle of nowhere, miles from the nearest town, but then that made sense if it was a bunch of girls all with incredible powers. Waiting outside were three people. One of them was an old man with white hair sat in a wheelchair, wearing a morning suit. Either side of him were two women, one older, mid thirties, in a black catsuit that clung to her body in a way that was designed to distract anyone who saw her, Honey Bee certainly wasn’t immune to its effects. On the other side was a girl who Linda guessed was about 18. She was clearly dressed as a heroine, her outfit was aqua with purple trim, the pants clung to her body, while the top displayed lots of flesh, it stopped just below her breasts and had a large window showing off much cleavage. She wore purple boots, fingerless gloves and hair band in her black hair. Linda climbed out the car and gave them a little wave. She was wearing a long pencil skirt and white shirt, she wanted to make a good impression.

“Ah you must be Linda,” the principle smiled and offered her his hand to shake, “that is to say Honey Bee; that was the nom de plume, right?”

“It was,” Linda smiled and shook his hand, “Principle Veritas I presume.”

“Close, it’s Principle McCoy, Veritas was my old life, I had to give him up when they put me in this chair.”

“Don’t freak the poor girl out with your history,” the woman in the catsuit said, a slight gleam in her eye as she winked to Honey Bee.

Linda blushed a little as she did.

“Oh of course, I do apologise dear, I get a little carried away, I’d like to introduce you to Ignisa and Psilence. Ignisa will be your tutor and Psilence is her TA and your teamleader. Have you had the system here explained to you?”

“Not really, I know we’re put in what you call teams, but…”

“That’s right, a heroine is safest when she has others watching her back, as such we put you into teams of five, plus a TA to lead you. You live together, train together, eat together, everything. They will be closer than your family. Ignisa runs her team out of the boathouse at the far end of the grounds. I’m sure she’ll happily take you there now and answer any other questions you have. It is a touch far for me.”

Linda said she understood and then let the other two lead her down the path. Psilence took her bag from her, using her telekinetic powers to carry it behind them, a light purple glow in her eyes showing her powers were working. Ignisa was explaining how she would work Honey Bee hard, but that it was for her benefit. She admitted that most of her students hate her at some point, but in the end they thank her. Honey Bee wasn’t really listening, she’d heard it all before, and she had a lot to take in. There were so many buildings to look over, along with tennis courts, swimming pools and so many other things.

The boathouse stood on the edge of a small stream that ran along the border of the school grounds. There were no actual boats there, but the building had been converted to have dorm rooms and a lounge, they even had their own kitchen and an office for Ignisa. Four others sat in the common room, Honey Bee realised these would be her fellow students. The first was a redhead with a shock of short hair, green goggles, a swimsuit in mostly green but with a lot of other, bright colours, thigh high boots and short gloves. She was reading a textbook before she got up and offered her hand to Honey Bee, introducing herself as Ghost Frog. Next to her was a pale skinned girl with brown hair. The costume she wore had shades of brown too, mostly it was a chocolate colour, with slate and dark brown accents in the gloves, boots and dust mask. She had her headphones in and gave Honey Bee a slight wave. Ghost Frog introduced her as Earth Girl. As they moved to the next girl she got up and hugged Honey Bee, dropping her sketch pad. She explained that she was Blue Star. Honey Bee could see why, she was dressed in a deep blue and silver suit with a golden star emblazened on her chest, highlighting her vietnamese colouring. Finally there was the dark skinned beauty who called herself the Ace of Diamonds. She wore a golden, strapless mini-dress with a diamond cut showing her belly, thigh high golden boots and gloves both with red highlights, she also wore a golden domino mask and red collar, she finished her tweet before getting up and air kissing the newcomer.

With all the introductions made, Psilence projected her thoughts into everyone’s head, telling them they would be left to their own devices until Monday morning, it would be a chance to get to know each other, maybe even become friends but they, along with all the other students in Superheroine High would be expected to attend the weekly orientation assembly they have to start the week. Her thoughts seemed to be pushing against their own, like there was a hidden message or signal inside that their conscious minds couldn’t hear but as soon as she’d finished broadcasting Honey Bee didn’t worry about it. She just went to her room to unpack and change into her costume, she felt like the odd one out seeing as she was still in her civvies.

Once she’d gotten changed they did as the voice in their head suggested and went out to practice together. Honey Bee discovered that Earth Girl had powers to manipulate rocks and stones, trying to tag the others by having the earth reach up to try and grab them. Ghost Frog was able to avoid this by leaping and phasing through the stone. Blue Star, who seemed to have so much power, was able to fly out the way and blast the rocks, shattering them. It didn’t help as Earth Girl could still control the dust, wrapping it round the asian beauty. Ace of Diamonds was able to use her probability controlling powers to dodge the stone hands reaching up for her as she flew up. Using this as a distraction, Honey Bee shrunk down and fluttered behind Earth Girl, tagging her with a mild energy blast. Giggling she pointed out that she was the one trying to get all of them now.

The game continued for a lot of rounds, each one getting a turn to be the one trying to get the others, though none of them captured everyone. Still they had fun and they came in laughing and joking with one another when Ignisa called them in as dinner was ready. Honey Bee was actually enjoying being there a lot more than she’d expected so far, and as they chatted after dinner, sharing their origin stories, Honey Bee found herself relaxing and opening up more and more. Even the distant Earth Girl was opening up as they sat in the common room talking.

It went on like this on Sunday too. They were already bonding, becoming closer than friends. They walked down to orientation together on the Monday morning. The auditorium was full but they were shown to the front. It seemed all the school was there, all twenty groups, they were all dressed in simple white shirts and blue skirts. Honey Bee assumed that would be their uniforms too, eventually, she wondered whey’d get it but then the big screen came to life, she didn’t remember much after then.

It was lunch before she could think clearly enough again to actively remember anything, though she did know she was happy to be at the school again. Her and the rest of her team were happily chatting and giggling together as they ate. The food all seemed to have a slightly odd taste, not unpleasant, just unusual, and part of her brain sent out a signal, wondering if the food was drugged, but that thought was easy to dismiss.

After lunch was the first real class and the girls raced to the converted barn for it. Honey Bee didn’t remember ever being this excited for a class before. Then again there were no lessons as fun as this one when she had last been in full time education. They were taking it in turns to be tied up and have another member of the group rescue them. Honey Bee had been bound and gagged with kneehigh socks before being hung by her bound hands from the ceiling. She’d even let her wings get bound to her back by the soft white socks, meaning that if she fell she couldn’t save herself, she felt totally helpless, but something about being so helpless was making her excited.

She had her back to the action, leaving her not knowing when, or even if, she would be saved. That made it even more satisfying and exciting when Ghost Frog wrapped her arms round her body, pressing against her, phasing her from the hook. They then bounced off the walls, slowly coming back down to earth where Ghost Frog phased her out of her bonds. Honey Bee thanked her by wrapping her into a big hug, rubbing her body against Ghost Frog in the process.

That was when they brought out the special bonus victim. It took Honey Bee a moment to recognise her from the file, but as she realised it was Minute Maid her brain cleared a little. It went from the fun and games of the training to something more serious. Minute Maid hadn’t joined the school, not by choice anyway, and now she was dressed up in a very small black leather bikini, her arms cuffed to her legs and her mouth taped up. She was also in a tank of water. The team had to work together to get her out before she drowned while avoiding the robots meant to slow them down.

Blue Star took off into the air, firing blasts of cosmic energy, smashing flying drones. Earth Girl swung her arms, having the dirt rise up to clear a path to the water tank. This was something Ace Of Diamonds took advantage of, running towards the tank while Ghost Frog kept the robots from regrouping. Honey Bee then stood up and fired a blast of energy powerful enough to smash straight through the tank. Water flooded out over Ace Of Diamonds, making her already tight costume cling to her even more.

“Looks like Honey Bee has been holding back on us,” Psilence called out psychically, laughing as she did, “very impressive.”

“We saved her,” a clearly exhausted Honey Bee stated, “let her go.”

Psilence looked her up and down, working out that she must know this heroine they had captured. She just smiled to her.

“Oh but of course,” she thought to the group, nodding to the other aids.

As they took Minute Maid away, Psilence brought the class to a close, sending them off to eat their dinner together. The thought that they might be drugging them came back to Honey Bee’s mind, she was suddenly unsure if she should eat anything at all, but she was already feeling very weak. She decided she’d not eat anything this time, and hope a good night’s sleep would refresh her for the next class.

That was why she was surprised and worried when Psilence came to get them again. They were led to a shower block, being told that they should do everything together, even shower. Four of them were more than happy to strip off for each other, peeling away their costumes and revealing their sexy bodies. Honey Bee tried to avoid having to join in. It was then that the others looked at each other and walked over to her, lifting her up and carrying her into the shower, still fully clothed. The water was already flowing, it was so warm steam was rising.

As soon as she set foot in the water Honey Bee began to relax again. She tried to say no as her gloves were pulled off but she could hardly form the words. She felt the others rubbing her legs as Earth Girl peeled down her gold and black boots, all Honey Bee could do was wiggle her toes invitingly as they were freed from the leather. She was unresisting by the time Ghost Frog and Blue Star were peeling off her spandex leotard, living her dressed only in her bra, knickers, fishnet stockings and her mask. She closed her eyes as she felt lips kissing her shoulders, before they slipped down the bra straps as another pair of hands unclasped the bra. It too was discarded. Her hands were then raised over her head and clasped into restraints hung from the ceiling. Queen Of Diamonds and Ghost Frog leaned in and began to suckle on her hard nipples, letting their tongues dance round the hard nub, sending shivers down Honey Bee’s spine.

She was moaning happily as she felt Psilence’s gentle touch, pulling off her mask. She made no effort to resist, not that she could have anyway; a willing victim chained up in the shower while her teammates each took advantage of her; kissing and licking her nipples, caressing and tickling down her belly, locking their lips to hers. But their touch never went below the waist, no matter how much she begged it to, not even after she was gagged with one of the other girl’s panties, and the teasing torment never went far enough to push her over the edge. One by one, each of the other girls made one another cum; but, despite how she tried to process through the improvised gag, Honey Bee was never given that privilege.

Suddenly it was over and Honey Bee was left exhausted and frustrated. She let the others lead her, still naked, across the short path from the shower block near the barn back to the boat house. Earth Girl carried her up to her bed, laying her out on it before tucking her in. She hadn’t realised it but she still had the wet knickers in her mouth. She didn’t have the energy to remove them anyway. She drifted to sleep very quickly.

Almost as soon as she was out cold, Psilence used her telekinetic powers to open her window and climbed in. A psionic spike formed on the palm of her hand. She laid this palm on Honey Bee’s forehead and let her psionic attack slip into her vulnerable mind.

Instantly Honey Bee cried out and sat up in her bed. She shook her head, telling herself it was only a bad dream. She looked round her room, she was home, back in Blackcastle. She smiled and laid down again, trying to get back to sleep, but she couldn’t do it. She sighed slightly, insomnia wasn’t something she suffered from often, but it still annoyed her when she did. She pulled the covers over herself and tried to snuggle down, hoping that would help but no, nothing seemed to be helping. That was when she felt something rubbing against her leg. It felt so good, but so bad at the same time. She didn’t know where it came from though. She told herself she’d imagined it until she felt it again, higher this time, squeezing her buttocks. She squealed and threw off the sheets, trying to work out what had caused this, but there was nothing there, just her mattress.

“You have been working too hard,” she told herself, “and you clearly need to get laid if this is what your imagination is throwing at you.”

She climbed out of bed and was surprised to find the floor seemed to be moving under her feet, tickling along her soles while at the same time digging between her toes. She couldn’t help but let out a slight moan as it sent a thrill through her. She didn’t understand what was happening but she was starting to piece things together. Before she could work it all out she heard a voice echoing round her.

“Yes,” the voice told her, “it’s just a dream, nothing more. That means anything that happens here is all in your head, you want it to happen.”

“I want it?” Honey Bee seemed unsure for a moment before a hand formed out of the bed and began rubbing between her legs. It did feel good. She let the hand lead her back onto the bed.

Once on the bed more hands formed. Two appeared and grabbed her ankles, spreading them wide, giving the hand between them even better access. Another two grabbed her wrists and moved her so she was totally spread eagled and vulnerable. She could only just move her head enough to see Psilence, naked, appearing at her door.

“What are you…?” she began but Psilence cut her off.

“You brought me here,” Psilence explained as she began stroking up Honey Bee’s legs, lightly tickling her thighs, “you want me.”

“No,” she managed to say, just, before another hand formed and wrapped over her mouth.

“See, you even want to silence your own protests.”

Honey Bee knew it was just a dream, and what dream Psilence was saying did make sense, and it was hard to think with that hand thrusting in and out of her pussy. Honey Bee decided to just play along. She was glad that she did, as soon as she laid back and surrendered, Psilence grabbed and groped her breasts and instantly a powerful orgasm washed over Honey Bee. She gasped as it was followed by another and another and another. After each wave of orgasmic pleasure, she felt her mind drifting away. She could feel every little thing that was happening, she just couldn’t think. Finally Psilence looked up from where she had just been biting her nipple.

“Maybe next time we do this in my mind,” Psilence told her, “it will be a little less vanilla. Before that though shall we make the others feel this good?”

Honey Bee just nodded, with the hand still gagging her she couldn’t speak.

“To travel to other's minds you need to be slaved to me,” she produced a golden collar with a chain, “ready to submit?”

The bed released all but one hand, the one over her mouth, was removed and Honey Bee dropped from the bed and down to her knees, awaiting her collar.

The next morning, Honey Bee was a touched embarrassed by her dreams, by the things she had done to her teammates, and the things they’d done to her. She assumed it was what had happened in the shower that had put her into the mindset to dream of that, but it still wasn’t really like her. She couldn’t believe how wet she’d left the bed with her juices.

What worried her more though was the fact her costume was missing. She remembered being stripped out of it in the shower, but she had no idea what happened to it. She was about to search in her bags for a spare when she spotted a new uniform hanging on her door handle. There was no mask to this one, but she didn’t mind that anymore. Any other time she thought that might have been suspicious, but right now she just wanted to try on her new outfit. Moments later she was in front of the mirror dressed in knee high socks, a short pleated blue skirt, a crisp white shirt that she left half of the buttons undone on and a blue blazer with the school logo on. She smiled at how cute she looked.

She just about strutted out of her room to show off her new school uniform and was surprised to discover that everyone else was dressed in the same outfit. They all looked so cute in them too. Blue Star, given the skirt and the jacket, the name still fit her, hugged Honey Bee as she joined them. Holding the hug a little longer than Honey Bee would have normally felt comfortable with, but after her dream it felt nice. She thought she felt Blue Star kiss her neck but she dismissed that as her imagination.

They all went off for breakfast together, this time Honey Bee made no effort to resist eating the food, they then spent the morning training together, learning the limits of their powers and working together as a team. Honey Bee was impressed how well they worked as a unit. It felt to her like they were all acting with one mind. It never occurred to her to wonder who’s mind that was.

After lunch they were taken to a special room filled with a lot of what Honey Bee could only describe as torture devices. Somewhere in the back of her mind she told herself that she shouldn’t go through this so called endurance test; but still she allowed Psilence to strap her arms to the metal frame at one end of the room. Her feet were then slipped out of her Maryjanes, Psilence tickling her soles through her socks just a little bit, and then she found her ankles strapped to the frame too. A posture collar was added to force her to stare straight ahead while a bit was placed in her mouth, gagging her, before being tied round the back of her head.

This meant that she could only watch as the others willingly allowed themselves to be placed in similar devices. Ghost Frog was stripped of her shoes and placed on a rack, her arms and legs were strapped in and another restraining strap was locked over her neck, essentially collaring her. Blue Star was bent forward by a hand on her back and her head and arms placed through wooden stocks, forming an inverted letter L with her body, pointing her backside towards Honey Bee. Earth Girl was led to straps hanging down from the ceiling, once she was out of her shoes she had her wrists and ankles strapped into them, leaving her suspended and swinging three feet above the ground. Finally Ace of Diamonds was relieved of her shoes and strapped onto a large X held in the middle of a giant wheel.

“You will each get to try all these devices in the end,” Ignisa explained as she took a solid yet flexible crop from a display of them, “but for today the challenge is to see how long you can last in these torture devices before you submit. Your captors, and if you become a heroine, let’s be honest, you will get captured, will show you no mercy, as such, neither will I. Today is mostly about setting the level you are willing to take though, there will be no grade for this, but it will set the regime you must face moving forward. You have also all been gagged, that means you must submit so totally that Psilence hears the psychic call. She will not enter any of your minds until you do, though she will be touching them so you can still beg to her. Now who shall I begin with?”

Ignisa walked round the room, letting each of the girls wonder if it would be them that felt the sting of the crop first. After an agonising minute, that felt like a lifetime to the potential victims, Ignisa stopped behind Blue Star. Blue Star felt her skirt being hoisted up, out of the way, revealing her thong to the room; she then felt the leather as it whipped through the air and onto her soft asian flesh. She tried to let out a yelp, but the bit between her teeth stopped her crying out. She tried to beg her to stop almost instantly, the words being blocked by the small metal bar she was being forced to bite on. Clearly she wasn’t totally broken yet though, a Psilence wasn’t hearing a psionic shriek of submission.

The torment changed as Ignisa swapped her tool of intimidation. She took up clamps this time. She reached into Blue Star’s shirt and began to fondle her breasts. Soon she had the nipples rock hard for her touch, hard enough to easily attach the clamps. Once they were, Ignisa gave them a tug before walking away, leaving her to endure the pain and humiliation. In the meantime other humiliation and pain was inflicted on the others. One by one they each submitted, starting with Honey Bee; having watched all the others getting tormented had left her vulnerable, and when the rattan cane was thrashed against her naked buttocks she easily fell in line. Soon there was only Blue Star left to break, and seeing all her friends on their knees had weakened her resolve a lot. A few swats from a plastic paddle finally pushed her over the edge.

With them all down on their knees now they were lead on leashes to eat, though rather than sitting at the table to do so, they were led to the kitchen were bowls were put on the floor for them. In their current state, they didn’t even complain as their gags were removed and their heads pushed into the bowls. They ate whatever it was put in front of them without complaint.

They were then led back inside and ordered to go to bed straight away. They did as they were told, knowing their bodies needed as much time to recover as possible and finding it incredibly difficult to say no to anything Ignisa said to them. They quickly drifted off and Psilence began picking them off once again in their dreams.

This time when she entered Honey bee’s head she had already gathered the rest of her harem, dragging along their astral forms on golden leashes. As soon as Honey Bee saw this in her dream she let out an audible gasp, feeling her costume fading away. She had been dreaming of stopping a bank robbery, but that was fading from the focus straight away.

“You shouldn’t be here,” Honey Bee stammered as she tried to cover herself with her hands.

“It’s your dream,” Psilence reminded her, “you must want us here. You must have had so much fun last night that you wanted to submit to me again.”

“I… Well… I don’t think…”

“That’s right you don’t think.”

Psilence snapped her fingers and Honey Bee’s eyes went blank, like she had drifted into a trance. As she stood there like a puppet with its strings cut the other girls began sashaying up to her, they began softly stroking and caressing her skin.

“You enjoyed last night.”

“Yes, so much,” Honey Bee let out a soft moan with her words.

“You enjoyed being played with by the girls.”

“Enjoyed it… so much…”

“You are enjoying them playing with you now.”

Rather than speaking an answer she simply began to cum to Earth Girl licking her womanhood.

“You enjoy submitting to me.”

She managed to nod her head slightly.

“You want to submit to me again.”

Honey Bee felt her legs giving way beneath her as she fell to her knees ready for her collar. As Psilence fastened it round her neck, Honey Bee leaned forward, burying her face into her mistress’ most intimate area and began lapping away like a cat at its milk. The only thing Honey Bee could think of now was pleasing Psilence, she would do anything for her, just like the other girls round her.

The next morning Honey Bee met the other girls for breakfast and wasn’t surprised to discover that, like her, they were no longer wearing anything beneath their white shirt and blue skirt. Honey Bee could see Queen of Diamonds nipples pressing against the crisp white cotton, Earth Girl was sat with her legs spread just enough to give the others a glimpse of what was underneath. Honey Bee could feel the heat rising inside her for the others, but she resisted the urge to act on it, just like she resisted the urge to fall to her knees when Psilence came in to lead them to class.

It was revealed they were going to play a special game that morning, one that would be both a lot of fun for them and highlight a danger superheroines often face. They called it villain tag, it was very much like the old schoolyard game. One person started as the villain and the others had to avoid her, when she tagged them they had to become villains too, obedient to the one that tagged them. There was also a sign to show they were villains.

“There is a rule with villains though,” Ignisa explained with a wicked grin, “if a heroine turns into a villainess she wears less clothing, as such, if you are tagged then you have to strip out of your shirt and skirt and show us what you wear underneath.”

Honey Bee wondered if Ignisa knew they were all naked underneath those clothes, judging by the look on Psilence’s face, she knew.

“Do your best not to get caught,” Ignisa continued, “but it may be tricky as the one trying to catch you is Psilence herself.”

Psilence stepped forward and allowed her costume to fall to the floor. Honey Bee just stopped in her tracks, staring at her naked body, almost ready to fall to her knees automatically. It took the shouts of the others to bring her out of her stupor and running from her as she charged.

The group scattered with the trio that could fly leaving the ground, while Ghost Frog leapt out of Psilence’s immediate reach and Earth Girl protected herself with a wall of dust. Psilence then began to show off her powers. Telekinetically she lifted herself into the air to give chase to those that could fly, getting a clear view up their skirts in the process causing her to lick her lips. The trio set off in different directions. Psilence focused her chase on Blue Star, Blue Star tried throwing a few energy bolts back at her, but Psilence dodged round them. Blue Star was so focused on trying to throw Psilence off that she didn’t see she was about to clatter into the wall. The hit didn’t hurt her, but it did leave her stunned enough to be tagged. Psilence tagged her by reaching under her skirt and squeezing her cheeks.

Blue Star knew what this meant, she was now a villain serving Psilence and helping her catch the others. Instantly her hands reached for the buttons on her shirt, once they were undone the shirt was dropped from the great height, the skirt quickly followed. When Blue Star heard the instruction in her head to kiss her mistress she followed the order with great gusto. The others just stopped to watch them make out. That was why they were so unprepared when Blue Star turned on her heels and fired a blast at the nearest one.

It was Ghost Frog, she fell back, stunned and easy pickings for the two villains. This time she was tagged by the two villains groping at her breasts together. Ghost Frog moaned happily and phased straight out of her clothes, leaving them groping at her naked flesh. Like Blue Star, she was happy to kiss her mistress, both her mistresses, before joining them on the hunt.

Now the three women hunting the others split up, going after one target each. It started with Blue Star going after Ace of Diamonds, flying after her, trying to blast her out the sky, though her blasts kept missing. That didn’t stop Blue Star gaining ground on her however, as she was far faster. The advantage Ace of Diamonds had, aside from her control over probability, was that she had greater control in the air, allowing her to dodge, weave and bob, effectively making her much harder to catch. That was until her luck ran out and she ended up with her back against the wall. Blue Star simply mounted her where she leaned, locking her lips to hers and ripping away her clothing. Ace of Diamonds didn’t complain though, in many ways she still considered herself the lucky one in that situation.

Ghost Frog had gone after Earth Girl, as neither of them could fly. Each time Ghost Frog leapt in close however, a cloud of dust cut her off from her target. She allowed this to stop her a couple of times, but then she simply phased through the solid dust to the defenceless Earth Girl beneath. By the time the dust cleared allowing them to be seen again, the two of them were both naked and making out, rubbing their bodies against one another with a soft moaning.

That left Psilence going after Honey Bee. Honey Bee tried to fly fast and far from her. SHe was doing pretty well until she felt her reach out and touch her mind, creating the image of a collar in it. Honey Bee just about stopped in midair, feeling herself wanting to submit. She just stood there and waited for Psilence to reach her. She was already stripping out of her outfit by the time she did, dropping to her knees as Psilence approached. Psilence smiled and guided her, touching the back of her head, so she was at Psilence’s womanhood. Instantly Honey Bee reached out for her with her tongue.

Soon after this it was lunch, not that Honey Bee was that hungry given the amount of juices she’d been lapping up, and then they were led, still naked, to their next class. This one was being held in a small room with only one feature; a chair with straps for the arms and for the ankles, but exposing as much of the person sat in its body. It was revealed it would be another endurance challenge, only this one would not be about dealing with pain. Honey Bee was led from the pack and sat in the chair, her feet up and exposed, her hands fastened above her head. This time instead of one torturer going after the whole class, this time the whole class would work over each other in turn.

Honey Bee looked scared and was trying to protest when an O gag was placed into her mouth, forcing her to keep it open. It was then revealed the style of torment they would be both facing and inflicting. They were about to tickle one another into submission. Honey Bee’s eyes went wide and she began to scream her protests as best she could with her mouth being held open, which was not well at all. These cries of protest were quickly transformed into begging for mercy as she first felt Ghost Frog step up behind her and reach under both arms, wiggling her fingers as quickly as she could. Honey Bee tried to move her body away from the fingers, but she could hardly even move, leaving her a defenceless victim.

This just got worse as both Ace of Diamonds and Blue Star approached her and bent down at her feet. When she realised this she tried to twist them out of their reach, but the straps holding her were too tight, all she could do was wriggle her toes and arch her feet, making it only slightly more difficult for them. Ace of Diamonds used her long painted nails to claw at her foot, starting at the ball of the heel and slowly spidering their way up until they dug between her toes, she then slowly began tormenting them by drawing shapes with her nails. At Honey Bee’s other foot Blue Star was using a feather to dust over every inch of the foot, she would move it rapidly one moment and slow and sensually the next, making it impossible for Honey Bee to adapt to the attacks. Her begging by this point had turned simply into heavy breathing through her O gag while they had their way with her soft and sensitive flesh.

That was when Earth Girl joined in. She stepped over Honey Bee, essentially sitting on her lap, seeing how wet this torment was making her despite her attempts to protest it. The others were still able to continue their assault as she joined in. It started with simple groping of her breasts, making her nipples harden almost instantly, then she began her tickling. She let her fingers slowly close over the sensitive breasts, dragging over them as she came closer to the areola. Once she’d reached the darker flesh she began to flick out with her thumbs, hitting the hardened teats, before tracing round them again. The mixture of pleasure and punishment was getting too much for Honey Bee, her wet womanhood began to gush with her love juice in one mind numbing orgasm after another.

Once Psilence decided she’d had enough, she called off the girls and untied Honey Bee. She collapsed to the floor, totally spent, but got back up again to tickle the others as she was ordered. One by one, each girl took a turn and Honey Bee found herself enjoying tormenting them almost as much as she had enjoyed being helpless to their touch. She’d have begged to be strapped in again if she wasn’t still wearing her O gag.

She was even still wearing it when she and the others were taken to bed by Psilence. She quickly drifted off to sleep with Psilence still in the room. Psilence opened her mind just as she had in previous challenges, it would allow Honey Bee and the other girls of the house reach out to her if they really wanted to. She was not surprised to find the first girl reaching for her was Honey Bee. She was already on her knees begging to be allowed to submit to her. She was warned that if she accepted the collar this time it would remain in her mind forever, binding her to Psilence and anyone else she allowed to take control of her.

“I understand that,” Honey Bee said, still on her knees, naked and begging, “I will be your good girl now and forever, just please, let me serve you.”

Psilence smiled and placed the golden collar round Honey Bee’s neck. She stroked the cheek of her new, and total, slave.

“Who would miss you if you were to never go back to your old life?” Psilence asked the important question that they always asked new slaves, wanting to work out the best way to explain away their inevitable disappearance when they are add to the next auction.

“Family,” Honey Bee admitted with a slight nod, “but they know I go away a lot now, moved away from them already. Only really William Pryce.”

“Who is he? A boyfriend?”

“No, never,” she sounded disgusted at the idea even in her deep submission, “he’s my boss, my agent, he looks after me for MI13b.”

Psilence looked alarmed at that name and demanded more information.

“They are part of the UK secret service, I am a heroine for them. They sent me in here to investigate, they were worried about disappearances.”

Psilence looked even more worried now, but she knew there was nothing she could do until she told Ignisa about it in the morning. As such she decided to enjoy her new slave while she could. She tugged on her chain, getting her to rise slightly, getting her lips to meet Psilence’s own. Psilence allowed her tongue to slide out of her mouth and into Honey Bee’s. The hand not holding her leash began to squeeze her breasts, making her slave very wet very fast. The kiss was only broken as more girls arrived to be enslaved by the powerful psychic dom.

By the time the morning came Honey Bee had soaked her bed, but she didn’t mind when she woke up this time. It felt good to have given herself to her mistress so totally. She smiled as best she could with the O gag still in as Psilence entered, Honey Bee dropped to her knees before her. She was psychically told to follow her. Honey Bee was happy to crawl behind her, her eyes glued to her backside, watching its hypnotic sway.

They stopped by the other girls on the way. They were taking their first weekly test on specially created chairs. It had a screen in front of them which had a slightly pulsing light behind the questions and two buttons to give their answers; linked to the screen was a vibrator that is placed on the tester’s clitoris, allowing a slow buzz to overwhelm their senses. Questions came up and, depending on the answer they give, the vibrator increased or decreased its speed. The first question was “being a good girl means….” and the two options were “saving people” and “serving mistress” all the girls put serving mistress and moaned loudly as the buzzing between their legs increased. Any time they gave an answer showing how submissive they had become the more pleasure they would feel, reinforcing the conditioning they were receiving. Psilence smiled at how deeply involved they all seemed to be, not even being aware that she and Honey Bee were there.

They moved on to meet Ignisa in the assembly hall. They had the screen set up for Honey Bee to watch, they intended to leave her strapped into one of the chairs with her own vibrator reinforcing the training the screen was going to give her. Honey Bee offered no resistance as she was strapped in, moaning slightly into her gag as she felt the vibes hitting her most sensitive area. She then focused on the spiral on the screen. Her already empty and fuzzy mind went totally blank after that.

The next morning Honey Bee found herself back in her usual costume, sat in Ignisa’s room. It took a moment for her mind to come back into focus and hear what her now former teacher was telling her, something about her leaving the school to go back to her own life as a heroine for MI13b. Her body ached, but she knew she’d been through some tough training while there, training that she knew would be handy back in her own life. It was only when Ignisa stuck out her hand for Honey Bee to shake did she know what she had to do.

“Thank you for this week,” she said standing up and shaking the hand she was offered, “we didn’t mean to deceive you, but with the reports we didn’t know who we could trust. Don’t worry I now know that I can trust you totally, I’ll make sure they give this school a clean bill of health. You do great work here. It’s such a shame I have to leave, I was making some great friends, but now that I know nothing untoward is going on here I really should get back to dealing with actual villains.”

“It has been a great pleasure to have you here as a student,” Ignisa admitted as she shook her hand, “but I completely understand, Britain needs a defender like you. I hope that someday I’ll get the chance to finish your training though, you are such a good girl.”

Honey Bee grinned happily as she was called that.

“I think I’d really like that too. Until then I will be the girl I know you want me to be and keep you and the world safe.”

With that Honey Bee went off, no memories of what really took place over the last seven days she’d been in the school, thinking it had been a more typical finishing school and training camp. The brainwashing they had given her was deeply buried in her mind, ready to be triggered again if they needed her, and would only surface as sexy dreams to make sure the conditioning stayed fresh in her mind.

Ignisa and her bosses decided it would be more trouble than it was worth to sell a member of the British secret service into slavery at this point; fearing it would bring too much scrutiny and even simple acts of vengeance. Ignisa and, especially, Psilence were sad to see such a submissive girl go free, but as they opened the door to the secret room behind her bookcase, revealing a bound and gagged Minute Maid; who was whimpering into the tape over her mouth, still trying to get Honey Bee to hear her; they knew they still had one full time heroine they could still break and sell on for a massive profit at their next auction.

School for Submission
Phew, just got this done in time. This is an entry for DestroXXIV contest found here  Back to School Contest. Damsel-U
FYI, the background
Welcome Heroine High. One of the most prestigious high schools in America, this school prides itself in training lovely young ladies to become a beacon of light to those in need. The students refer to the school by its shortened name, Heroine U. Many outside the school, however, have a use a much more derogatory title when they refer to the institution. They view the school as nothing more than a sham that entices young, extremely attractive women to enter a field that puts their bodies, freedom, and occasionally their lives at risk. They view heroines as nothing more than strippers in masks who only tempt young men and women by flaunting their assets so brazenly in front of the criminal element. Many of these heroines usually wind up as kidnapped play toys for the depraved criminals underworld, and, in the minds of these cynics, those heroines brought that fate upon themselves. Unfor

This story focuses on my Heroine OC Honey Bee going undercover at Superheroine High, also known as Damsel-U, to investigate the disappearance of many women who had joined the school to be trained as heroines. Will she find out what's happened to them or will she simply join them?

The story contains a lot of scenes of a sexual nature, this may not be for everyone, but I had a lot of fun with this. Work has been crazy, leaving me very little time and energy to write at the moment, but I'm glad I made the effort with this one
With Rush, the fastest girl in the world, having disappeared, Billy Smith, Wisp, Owlet and Britainia were trapped in Avalous with no way home. They have spoken to the queen of the Fae and she has managed to create a portal out of that reality, but before sending them home she has asked the quartet to retrieve the three key bearers that escaped Broken Arrow’s clutches. As such they have journeyed out into strange new worlds to find them and bring them home.

The hot sun beat down on the deserted plain. The quartet travelling the trail had changed from their usual costumed attire and now they were wearing leather boots with a cuban heel, rhinestone denim jeans that were already seeming far more dust covered and worn, what were white shirts when they put them on with tanned leather waistcoats and black stetsons on their heads. They had arrived in a world that seemed to be one long desert with a couple of towns dotted around near a small settlement. They had traded a small lump of gold they had been supplied with for these outfits and the directions to where the tales of a man made of stone were coming from. Billy had wished they’d gotten some horses too, but they had been assured it wasn’t far. They’d been walking for nearly a full day now.

“If Rush were here we’d be there already,” he complained, not for the first time.

“Same with White Owl,” Owlet joined in, not wanting to be outdone on whose heroing partner was better, “she’d have a cool vehicle to get us where we need to be.”

“Oh come on guys,” Wisp tried to sound excited, “it’s like being in a real western. We can make it a big adventure in the sand.”

“I don’t like sand,” Billy kicked at it, “it’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.”

“Tell me you didn’t really say that,” Owlet rolled her eyes.

“What’s wrong with that?” Wisp looked unsure, “it seemed fair enough to me.”

“You’re joking right?” Britainia looked shocked, “you’ve never seen Star Wars.”

“Of course I have,” Wisp put her hands on her hips, “Spock is my favourite.”

“That’s Star Trek,” Britainia put her head in her hands.

“Oh, right, yeah. Star Wars is the other one, right? I’ve seen the trailers and I’ve got a stuffed BB8 does that count?”

Suddenly everyone was smiling and giggling at this. With the mood lightening and the sky darkening, Britainia suggested camping down for the night. A wave of Wisp’s hand and they had a campfire. Billy soon had a pan over it and began cooking up a little food for them that they’d brought from Avalous. Once they’d been fed and drank a little, sharing the Stonian whiskey and water Billy had brought, they told campfire stories of their adventures before drifting off to sleep. Despite the harsh conditions, the camping seemed to be bringing them closer as friends. Billy couldn’t help but smile as he saw the youngest there, Owlet, still little more than a kid, and Wisp, very much a kid at heart too, leaning together as they slept. He then turned away and drifted off too.

As they slept they didn’t hear the horses nearby, nor did they see the banditos climb from them and sneak closer, drawing their guns. The group of 8 quickly surrounded the quartet sleeping on the desert floor. They were admiring the trio of pretty girls, scoffing at the light protection they had and thinking this would be easy pickings. Their plans changed with a single shot.

The bandits turned to see a trio of cowgirls, the scourge of the plains, the 3 Amigas. The Rio Kid, the girl of what looked like Mexican extraction, sat on her horse, gun pointed up in the air and a look on her face as if she were daring them to ask what she’d done. She wore a black suit with lots of silver trim and a large black sombrero.

Beside her was the defacto leader of the trio, not that they really had one, Beth Cody, a woman as skilled with a knife as the Rio Kid was with a gun. She was a woman in black from boot to stetson, the only hint of colour was the bandolier of knives she wore beneath her jacket. The final member of the trio was Dangerous Dani McCann, her long brown coat flapping in the wind dramatically. Her stetson was pure white and the smallest of the trio. She seemed to be calculating her plan of attack as she studied the banditos.

It didn’t just get the banditos attention however. The gunshot woke all four visitors from another world. Wisp screamed and jumped, her wings flapping and lifting her from the ground. Owlet simply rolled forward drawing her feather like bo shuriken, ready to defend herself. Britainia and Billy were instantly on their feet, their training from being small children kicking in and leading them to end up stood back to back in combat poses.

“You silly bitches,” the leader of the banditos called out, “this would have been so easy, and now we have to take you out too.”

He began drawing a gun but a knife thrown by Beth Cody had knocked it away before he could fire.

“Kill them!” The bandido bellowed.

This was as much a cue for the seven heroes as much as it was for the rest of the banditos. The battle was short and brutal. Fireballs from Wisp quickly caused panic for the banditos, letting the powerful Britainia pick them off alongside the skilled pugilism of Dangerous Dani, while Owlet and Cody stopped them from being able to run. Finally Cody had the leader pinned down, a knife at his throat.

“That’s it,” Britainia pointed out, “they’re beaten, you don’t have to do this, we can hand them in.”

“Are you a lawwoman?” Dangerous asked in an affected accent, “Or a bounty hunter? You won’t get much for small fry like this.”

“Where I’m from I’m the law, we don’t do this for reward.”

“Well round here there’s just one law,” Rio Kid pointed out, “and that’s the law of the West, do what you do to survive.”

“‘Sides,” Cody pointed out in a dark and deep voice, “I’m not interested in killing him if I don’t have to, that’s entirely up to him. I want to know who he’s working for.”

“I ain’t tellin’ you nuthin’,” came the angry reply.

She pressed the knife deeper. Owlet was about to stop her but Billy caught her arm.

“You’re going to squeal one way or another, up to you if you get to keep squealing after that.”

He gulped a little and then regretted it, feeling the knife on his skin more.

“Look if I tell ya I’m good as dead anyway.”

“So you do work for Wild Hex Maddocks.”

“Wait, wait I didn’t say that.”

“Can I try something?” Billy offered.

“We don’t need helps from geeks like you.”

“Did she just call us geeks?” Wisp looked confused and hurt.

“She means it in the traditional sense,” Billy explained, “circus sideshows, basically freaks.”

“Oh I see,” she considered this for a moment, “I don’t think that makes it any better. If anything it’s worse.”

“Maybe they can help,” Rio Kid pointed out, “they did help take out the banditos.”

“I guess,” Cody pulled the knife away and glared at Billy, “you get one chance and if he gets away I’m taking both him and you down.”

“Fine by me,” Billy helped the bandido up and started talking to him, playing the good cop, “sorry mate, this is just something of a misunderstanding. You really don’t have to tell us anything, and certainly won’t blame you if you don’t. In fact I think I can get them to totally let you go and send you on your way. Only thing there is I won’t be able to stop your pals here talking about how you got away without a scratch when they got all beat up. I sure hope you don’t work for this Wild Hex bloke, because if you did I’d be thinking he was going to come get me anyway. You got away from this posse that clearly hate him without a single wound, even I’m starting to think you must have talked. Then again if we had reason to protect you, maybe send you back East, but then you don’t know anything, right? You won’t need protection. So off you go.”

Billy let him go and turned away. Cody stared at him, she looked ready to draw and throw a knife if this didn’t work, Billy wondered if it would be at him first. He never got the chance to find out. The bandido dropped to his knees and began to tell them everything he knew. That Wild Hex Maddocks, the outlaw that basically ran the town they were heading towards with an ironfist ever since killing the sheriff, had found a new power source for his technological wonders that was far more reliable than steam. He also revealed that he hadn’t mastered the power yet, but he had the creature that held it. He described the creature as being about as freaky as the strangers before him now. They had him in the mine and were torturing him until he revealed how the power worked.

“That’s got to be Judge Johnson and his key,” Britainia nodded, “at least we know where he is now.”

“You’ll never get into his mine,” Cody stated simply, “at least not without some kind of distraction.”

“Do you have something in mind?” Billy looked to her.

“I think I do,” she nodded.

“Well that’s great,” the bandido admitted, “but I’ll need protection now. What have you got?”

“Simple,” Britainia smiled, “the safest place of all, we’re sending you to jail.”

“Wait, no, that’s not what I agreed to!”

“Don’t think you have a choice,” Dangerous Dani stated as she stepped forward, “you’re lucky these soft folks from back East are here, my intentions would have been so much worse for you.”

Before he could protest any further Dangerous Dani reared back and hit him under the chin with enough force to knock him straight out. They tied the banditos and sent them off on a few of their horses towards the last town, a note explaining who they were and to send them back on a prison stage.

They then decided to rest for the night together, this time leaving a couple of them on guard duty while the others slept, sleeping in shifts of two hours. Britainia and Cody were the first to watch over the others. It wasn’t long until the boredom overtook them and they began to talk.

“You sure are a strange posse,” Cody told her looking over the trio of otherworlders sleeping, “I’ve seen some impossible things since travelling out here, but you have to be the craziest. Care to share your story?”

“It’s a long one,” Britainia admitted, “and I doubt you’d believe me if I told you.”

“We got nothing but time until we gotta wake up the next two; and I pretty much believe anything these days.”

Britainia laughed at that. She began her story, explaining about being raised to be a heroine; about being trained from a young age; often with Billy, he was being trained too, though he was being groomed for a very different task. She gave a brief description of Owlet and Wisp, she didn’t know their origins that well, and then about how Billy looked after Rush. Finally she explained about going to Avalous, about saving the multiverse, about Broken Arrow and the death of Omega. Finally she explained what she knew about the keys, how they kept that world safe and how they needed to get them back before they could go home. Beth Cody just sat there taking it all in. Britainia had no idea what the cowgirl was making of her tale. Once it was finished Cody still just sat before finally opening her mouth.

“Yeah, that sure is an unbelievable tale.”

“Told you you wouldn’t believe it.”

“I never said I didn’t believe it, just that it was unbelievable. Can’t say I’ve heard crazier, but what else could I expect from such strange people?”

They fell into silence again. Not for long this time. Britainia watched Cody staring into the fire, a deep sadness in her eyes. Britainia couldn’t help but ask.

“You three seem rather different too,” she started, “it seems so personal with you facing Wild Hex. What did he do to you guys?”

“To understand that you have to understand Wild Hex Maddocks,” Cody said not taking her eyes away from the flames, “he’s a power hungry monster that will do anything to stay in charge, he doesn’t care who he hurts, or does worse to. Anyone who opposes him is an enemy he has to deal with. He’s selfish and just a little bit crazy, but when you have power like he does he feels he can do anything. A lot of the time he’s right.”

“Yeah,” Britainia thought back to her own world with a hint of sadness, “I know the type.”

“I hope you don’t. His mine used to be the site of a township, two so close together isn’t common, but it does happen, a river flows beside them, and two cultures took advantage. There had been some mingling, it was hard to know who set up which village. There was peace until Hex took over one of them. He killed the sheriff, the only man in town that dared to stand against him, and he realised he could dig for gold where the other village stood. He told them all to leave but none did. It was a braver town than the other, but that was almost as much of a mistake. He burnt it to the ground. There were no survivors.”

“That’s awful,” Britainia admitted, “didn’t anyone come to stop him?”

“This is a little township on the western frontier, no one was going to protect that place. Though one from the town survived. She had travelled east to try to make her fortune, she was the most skilled markswoman on all of the front. It was on the stage heading West that I met her, she was the first I recruited for my vendetta.”

“Rio Kid?”

Cody nodded.

“Everyone she knew is dead because of him. For Dangerous Dani it’s just one man she’s avenging. She fell in love with a performer in the circus. He was a boxer, part of the show, they would have locals challenge them. He trained Dani and she became a star of the show. They travelled from town to town, entertaining everyone they met but they came to Hex’s town. He wanted them to throw the fights to his best, to make sure no one questioned how tough they were. When the request was turned down Hex promised they would not leave the town. He sent Dani away before Hex could bring his boys in. She was on the back of the horse but she heard the shots. She wanted to go back but the rider wouldn’t turn. It saved her life but she still cries for her lost love when she thinks no one is watching. When she found out who I was she practically begged to be part of the posse I hadn’t meant to form.”

“The poor girl,” Britainia looked sadly at her, “what about you? Why do you have this hatred for Hex? Other than him being a bad, bad man.”

“I have my reasons. Our watch is almost over.”

With that she moved from the campfire and across to the Rio Kid, waking her to take over. Britainia did the same to Billy, giving a sad look to her companion for the last three hours. She then settled in to sleep.

The next morning, when they were all awake once more, they started off on the trail again, this time they were all on horseback, Owlet, Billy, Britainia and Wisp riding on the remaining horses of the outlaws they’d defeated the night before. With the aid of these mounts it didn’t take more than half a day to reach the town. As soon as they got there they headed straight to the saloon. Billy couldn’t help but smile as he heard the honky tonk piano. His smile grew wider as he heard the dischordian note as the piano stopped and all eyes turned to them.

“Can you believe they really do that?” Owlet was grinning too.

Billy sauntered to the bar and ordered a round of whiskey. It wasn’t as smooth as the stuff he’d brought from Avalous but it certainly won him some favour with the locals as he drank it straight down. Owlet tried some too but spat it out, accidentally it was all over a six foot six man mountain that didn’t seem to care it was just a kid that did it. He stood up and towered over her. It was at this point that Britainia, Wisp and Dangerous Dani slipped away.

“I don’t like leaving them facing that big guy,” Wisp admitted.

“Billy and Owlet can handle him,” Britainia stated, “and it will work as the perfect distraction. I’m impressed she could do something so convincing, I could have believed she didn’t mean to do that.”

Dangerous Dani chuckled.

“She didn’t mean to do it,” she explained.

“But we needed a distraction,” Wisp looked unsure, “they were going to do something that started a bar room brawl, that was perfect.”

“Maybe but that wasn’t the distraction we had planned.”

Owlet backed away a couple of steps the barroom was silently watching the scene about to unfold. Billy stepped forward to offer him some money to pay for the insult but he was just shoved aside. That was when Owlet kicked him in his head and, just as White Owl taught her, she grabbed his arm and twisted. This was a submission maneuver designed to take down even the biggest opponent; the man she was facing didn’t even flinch. His free hand then shot out and grabbed her by the neck. As he choked her, Billy picked up a stool behind him and clattered it down on his head. This got much more of a reaction from him. He turned his head to look at Billy. He reached out to grab him round the throat with his other hand but before he could Billy raised his cuban heeled boot and planted it in the nether region of the big man. He was big and tough as a man could come but even he was felled by this.

This was enough to get the others on his table to join in the fight. Owlet drew an owl-head capsule from her belt and tossed it to the ground. Smoke began billowing out of it, giving her a chance to pull on her goggles and dive in to take them out without them knowing what hit them. As the smoke cleared they were left lying across the table tops and the chairs. She turned back to Billy and saw a duo with guns held at them both.

“You’re going to regret doing that boy,” one of the gunmen said, “we’re going to fill ya full of lead.”

“I don’t think so,” the Rio Kid said, stepping forward with a flourish, letting the guns at her side be seen by the full bar.

Without a second thought the gunmen shot at her, but she drew and fired faster than Owlet would have thought possible for anyone but a speedster. The bullets she fired as she did so hit the bullets coming the other way, knocking them out of the air. A second pair of shots and the guns had been knocked from their hands.

“Want to try a third shot?” Rio Kid giggled a little.

Another patron of the bar stood up behind the Rio Kid, reaching for his chair but suddenly found the sleeve of their shirt pinned to the chair. Beth Cody drew another knife from her bandolier as the brawler looked up.

“I wouldn’t,” she stated simply.

Recognition passed over his face and he looked like he was trying to get away from her. Many others in the bar were less willing to run however, leading to a shout going out to bring help from the mine.

The others were waiting by the entrance to the mine when the rider rode in to get help. As the security Hex had paid for went to take control of the bar, Wisp, Dangerous Dani and Britainia slipped into the mine. Wisp was shocked to see the way the mine was being run, steam engines stood at one end powering large conveyors carrying mine carts filled with strange equipment such as steam powered jackhammers, technology that was both incredibly advanced and dangerously backwards. She even saw a few mechanised horses that seemed to run on clockwork motors. They followed Dangerous Dani as they sneaked from the door to the furthest pit, this one didn’t have the tracks running yet they could still see a light inside. The perfect spot to hold a prisoner.

It wasn’t far inside that they found Judge Johnson, the grandson of the Stonian high chief and guardian of one of the keys. He was not in a good way however. He had bullets lodged in his stone like skin, they couldn’t penetrate deep enough to wound him, but they sure hurt. It also looked like they’d used a jackhammer on him in places, lumps were missing from his arms and legs. Dangerous Dani was shocked by not just the state he was in but the fact he could exist at all.

“He’s made of stone,” she stated, blinking, unsure how it were possible, “you’re all impossible.”

“Good,” a voice behind them snarled, “you might be able to show me how the key works.”

The trio turned on their heels to see a man in his shirtsleeves with a handlebar mustache and a large white hat. His stormy eyes stared with a steely gaze at them. Even without Dangerous Dani shouting his name, Wisp and Britainia knew who he was.

“Wild Hex Maddocks!”

“So pleased you recognise me,” he sneered; he then clicked his fingers and his boys emmerged.

They acted instantly, swinging lassos and dropping them round the trio of heroines. A tug on the ropes and they were bound tight, arms, and, in Wisp’s case, wings, pinned to their side. Britainia flushed a little at this as she felt her powers abandon her but didn’t care.

They were led outside, away from the dangerous machinery, Hex dare not risk an explosion when he shot them. He demanded to know how the key worked but the only answer he got was a stomp on the boot by Dangerous Dani. She then raised a knee into his gut. She was trying to shimmy out of her bonds when one of Hex’s boys attacked. She kicked out at him, staggering him, and making him go for his guns. That was when Wisp ran into him from behind. She may not be able to fly into the action but that would not stop her trying to save the day.

The horsemen entered the fray then, they had ridden back from the town, having dealt with the trouble there. Now they were riding round this fight as the trio of bound heroines continued to battle on despite the odds. Finally they came to a stop beside Hex. The outlaw leader began to laugh. His laughter stopped as the lead rider tipped back her hat and Beth Cody stared at him.

“The sheriff’s daughter,” one of Hex’s gang stated, realising they were in trouble now.

Billy, Owlet and the Rio Kid dismounted and untied the others, getting into conflicted with the remaining gang members, though the fight was a short one. Rio Kid and Wisp able to used their ranged skills of gunplay and fireballs respectively to take out the vast majority of them, Dangerous Dani and Owlet brawled with the others. Only one was able to even threaten them. He took hold of a steam powered jackhammer and charged at them. Britainia caught the hammer end, stopping it from moving and overheating the engine. It exploded, leaving her unharmed. This was enough to get the others to surrender.

In the meantime, Cody and Hex were facing off against one another. Twenty feet between them as she dropped to the sandy plain below. For a moment they just stared, the heavy weight of expectation upon them both. This was a showdown they both had known was inevitable. Cody’s hand reached for a knife but then dropped to her side. Even she couldn’t throw a knife accurately over that distance.

“Seems you brought a knife to a gunfight,” Hex mocked, despite it all, he knew he could rattle her.

“I got a gun too,” she fingered it in her holster, ready to draw.

“Can you do it,” he challenged, “can you shoot me in cold blood just the way I shot your old man?”

She drew and fired but he had got under her skin, she missed, he just laughed at her. She shot again and he laughed no more. He collapsed into one of his carts that carried him deep into the ground. Two shots from the Rio Kid and the steamer powering that cart exploded, taking much of the mine with it. His body was left buried.

Not long later Judge Johnson was recovered enough to travel. Everyone had been fed and watered, including the horses, without Hex there now, the town seemed a much more relaxed place. The Rio Kid helped teach Billy and Owlet a few quick draw techniques, Billy was getting pretty good, but soon it was time to go. They had what they came for, and the Three Amigas had a town to protect, so Billy, Wisp, Owlet and Britainia saddled up once more, riding West, back towards the portal that would take them back to Avalous, deliver Judge Johnson home, and put them one step closer to going home themselves. For now all they could do was ride into the sunset as the town waved them off.

Homeward Bound: Wild West Heroes
So finally we begin the Homeward Bound series, where Billy, Wisp, Owlet and Britainia travel to different world in the multiverse, jumping across the realities to get the key bearers back to Avalous, once all three are saved they get to go home. In this case the quartet are taken to a steam punk/wild west world and meet it's heroines, the Three Amigas

Thanks to fairyprincessjess for proof reading

Wisp is an OC of fairyprincessjess 
Owlet was created by TheStonemiester1 for White0wlsuperheroine 
Britainia leads HM6 created by DestroXXIV
So you may have noticed that Rush Series 2 came to a dramatic close last week. And as such I'm taking a week off from the writing, recharging and getting ready for even more adventures for Rush, Lightning Blaze and so many more. That's why this week I'm giving a rough idea of what's to come. As such here are the next month or so in terms of stories.

Noir: The winner of my poll from a month or so ago, Noir gets her first solo story after her turn as part of the first series of Marina. It will give a bit of an insight into her dark backstory hinted at in her first appearance as well as working as an introduction to a new major antagonist for the Phantasamverse.

Victoria of Sherwood: So I don't know if you've heard but TheStonemiester1 is running a competition as we speak to reimagine the OCs of dA in a medieval setting. I know she's thinking knights and dragons and the like, but to me, that screams crusades and it screams Robin Hood. As such, despite her fate in the main universe, in this one Shadow Arrow is taking the role of Robin Hood trying to protect her home from the evil Sir Paul, the Sheriff of Nottingham. It may have a few more surprises along the way, but expect to see HM6, Billy, Owlet, Marina, Wisp and Rush all placed in that setting over five or six slightly shorter chapters. Find the contest here  2017 July-September Contest!Yes, I've given up on inventive titles. Sue me.
I'll think of something. Later. Probably.
Okay, so in case you hadn't twigged it, the polls over the last few days have been all about narrowing down the themes of this contest. In the initial, suggestions Journal entry, someone suggested a sorta 'through the ages' type theme, where people could reimagine heroines to fit any specific time period of their choosing. And, while I do really like this idea, I know I, personally, would have struggled to narrow it down. I like a little more direction, and when it's entirely open, it comes entirely down to personal taste; alternate WWII might be someone's favourite thing in the world, but I might hate it (I don't. In fact, the opposite is true) and, being the only judge, that's not fair.
So the polls were to decide a specific time period. And, oh boy, you picked a good one.
Our theme/goal here is to reimagine various heroine (heck, or villain) characters here on DA to fit a medieval fantasy

Avalous Adventure: So Billy, Wisp, Britainia and Owlet were left stuck in an alternate dimension when Rush ran off at the end of series 2, this may seem tricky to get out of for them, but there is a way back, and that's this (probably) three part story. The name will change, because of course it will, it doesn't totally fit what's in store for the group. The need to rescue the three keybearers that were in hiding during the last story and if they succeed they get to come home. 

The Misadventures of Honey Bee: She came second in the poll and as such she gets a story too, having only been seen in one story so far, this is a chance to look at another heroine from MI13b, only this one does not have the successful track record of Rush, which when you look at Rush's record that's really not looking good for this pretty yet danger-prone damsel. This one will have a bit more adult content, so be warned.

Rush Fast Forward: Find out what happened to Rush in this long promised story, she will be teaming up with one of the few people that can match her in terms of speed, namely herself. As the Avalous Adventure opens up the Phantasamverse to a few new ideas and concepts, this does the same, creating a whole new setting that will get lots of exploring as we go on. Trying not to give too much away with this description.

Lightning Blaze; Special Effects: An underused lead so far, I have big plans for the Lightning Blaze series, but this is only her second solo story under my banner. I'm introducing another villain for her in this story FFFX, also known as Femme Fatale Effects, a very different kind of villain, to her it's just a job. 

This is just the next month or two though, after that there is still so much more to look forward to, a series of Team Superfriendship adventures, Rush: Fast Friends series 2 and Marina series 2 are all still to come, more on them as things get closer :)

Characters mentioned are my own aside from:
                                                                    Wisp, owned by fairyprincessjess 
                                                                    HM6 (And it's leader Britainia), the super team created by DestroXXIV 
                                                                    Owlet, created by TheStonemiester1 for White0wlsuperheroine 


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