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Rush: Speed Dating
Lily Lyon, the real identity of Rush, the fastest girl in the world, was just leaving the cinema along with her three closest friends, Jazz, Caitlin and Jess. They had just been to see the big summer blockbuster romcom. This was the first time Lily had really been out with Caitlin since she’d come out to her. Lily wanted to support her friend in this, but her superheroics had kept her busy, especially with this new rash of robberies without a single clue to the criminal; that and the fact remained that with the death of her superhero boyfriend, Omega, Lily hadn’t exactly wanted to go out all that much anyway. Jess, a fellow heroine by the name of Wisp, knew what she’d been going through and tried to support her as much as she could, but Lily found it hard to open up, even to her. Lily had to admit it was nice to be doing something normal again.
She should have known it wouldn’t last. A small stage had been erected just outside the cinema and a young lad, he look
:iconphantasam114:Phantasam114 9 6
Rush and the Spider  by Phantasam114 Rush and the Spider :iconphantasam114:Phantasam114 5 5 Team Superfriendship Chatting by Phantasam114 Team Superfriendship Chatting :iconphantasam114:Phantasam114 12 21 Terminal Velocity  by Phantasam114 Terminal Velocity :iconphantasam114:Phantasam114 7 7 Team Superfriendship by Phantasam114 Team Superfriendship :iconphantasam114:Phantasam114 6 11 Wisp Playful by Phantasam114 Wisp Playful :iconphantasam114:Phantasam114 8 19 Rush test 5 by Phantasam114 Rush test 5 :iconphantasam114:Phantasam114 6 17 Rush Katie Sheridan By Ivonnea-dc3mfxu by Phantasam114
Mature content
Rush Katie Sheridan By Ivonnea-dc3mfxu :iconphantasam114:Phantasam114 6 4
Rush, the fastest girl in the world, knew that superheroing was a double edged sword and that it could make her hate the things she loved. Case in point; magic. She had long been a fan of magic, from the stage shows she saw as a kid, to her pagan beliefs, to it being the primary weapon of her best friend; however when it was being used to hurl balls of flaming energy at her from a distance of ten feet she started to not like it so much.
The man hurling the bolts of eldritch energy was the Voodoo Daddy, a big burly man with tattoos for sleeves barely covered by his lime green jacket that matched his pants and hat. He had been seen in New Orleans but now he had come to Peka, intent on bringing Rush into his hareem. She knew that if he got the advantage over her he’d be employing his powers to break her will and enslave her. This was why she was being so cagey around him. She knew that chances were she could dash up to him and hit him with a high speed punch and stun him. Trouble wa
:iconphantasam114:Phantasam114 6 5
In Dreams
“It’s your own fault really.”
Lily Lyon, the alter ego of Rush, the fastest girl in the world, explained to her best friend. She and Jess Winchester were sat in Billy Smith’s front room. Billy was Lily’s good friend and confidant and, as such, had taken a similar role for Jess, she was the other identity of Wisp. Lily had been having a hard time lately and Jess had claimed she’d be up for doing something a bit more normal for her sleepover that week. She had even let slip that she’d never seen Star Wars, and suddenly Billy had insisted they marathon the movies. Now there they were, Jess stretched across one sofa in her pajamas, Lily and Billy sat on the other, a big bowl of popcorn on the table in front of them, with Billy loading up A New Hope on his laptop. He hit play and those iconic words, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, flashed up on the screen.
The only point of contention was how Billy tried to skip a film, wanting to bypass the Ph
:iconphantasam114:Phantasam114 8 30
Multiverse Mash Up Justice League by Phantasam114 Multiverse Mash Up Justice League :iconphantasam114:Phantasam114 8 12

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Another girl of MI13b, this time it's Ani-Gal that I've been working on to improve my skills in this rendering malarkey. She's designed to be a bright and colourful heroine and I think I've captured that. I've just been working on a story featuring her and she is proving a very fun character to write, we may be seeing a lot more of her. If you want to know more about her, find her bio here:…
Time to share one of the other girls of MI13b, in this case Weaver, the webbed wonder. Find out more about her here… and enjoy her redesign thanks to my continued learning of Daz3D
Billy Smith
Still learning about Daz3d, but I have managed to make some other characters, here's Rush's partner in crime fighting, her man in Havana, Billy Smith, AKA Agent Gecko, a fourth generation agent in MI13b, the youngest agent on their books, having trained in the group since he was a toddler. Still he has his hands full looking after Rush

Barcu sat at his desk, his once proud mane of seaweed green hair had long since turned silver. He had been in the embassy for a long time, far longer than anyone else working there. Many would see his posting there, in the Sea Elf embassy in Osiinaah, as a punishment; Barcu knew the truth of course, the fact was his king trusted him to look after his affairs on land more than any other. Barcu was an experienced mage, a former general in the king’s army, and a skilled diplomat, he was also an Elderin the Order of Animus. He thought he’d pretty much seen it all. Though the ruckus coming from down the corridor was, at the very least, unusual. He got to his feet to see what was going on when a young Sea Elf woman, by the looks of her mystic aura she was a Siren, burst through the door, she appeared to have blood spattered over her form. Hal, Barcu’s secretary, trailed in behind her looking apologetic.

“I’m sorry sir,” Hal stammered, “I tried to stop her, I really did.”

“I need to talk to you about Krath and the Deliverance,” this woman demanded.

The name caught Barcu’s attention.

“It’s okay Hal,” Barcu told the frightened young man who was looking at the Siren, “I will deal with this.”

Hal was happy to get out of there. He nodded to his boss and shrank back through the door, eyes still on the woman that had stormed the embassy.

“We are not used to such arrivals,” Barcu said as he poured two glasses of black wine, “if you were not of Sea Elf stock you wouldn’t even have made it passed the front door.”

She knocked the glass of wine from his hand as he moved to offer it to her.

“Save the pretty words,” she snapped at him, “I want to know if you have a file on Krath!”

“And if we do?”

“I want it!”

She stared into his eyes, a rage burning there. He was a legend among his people, very few would unflinchingly stare back at him, this young lady was in a desperate situation.

“What did he do to you?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

“No, you want to lose yourself in an oblivion of rage, to seek him out and face him for some perceived crime. Tell me what he did. Even on land crimes of a Sea Elf upon a Sea Elf fall within our traditions and laws.”

He placed a hand on her forehead and she felt a feeling of calm pass through her like a wave, washing away her rage and fear. All it left behind was sadness in the young woman, named Aelia. Tears began to flood from her eyes once more as she collapsed into the arms of the stranger, sobbing into his comforting hug. She told him everything. How she had fallen in love with a human, the captain of a ship, how Krath had been her first mate and turned on her, how he had had Aelia’s love killed, how she was going to have her vengeance upon him. Already the calm was passing and she was beginning to rage once more. She pushed away and got back to her feet, her dark determination returning.

“Can you help me?” she demanded.

“Officially,” Barcu began sadly, “no, his victim was not a Sea Elf, those that actually killed her were not Sea Elves, to be seen to act in this could cause an incident with the surface dwellers. If they were to side with the Merfolk it could tip the balance of power.”

She rolled her wet eyes, she had no time for the politics in play here.

“However,” Barcu continued, “off the record, I have been tracking Krath with some interest. He seems to be meddling with powers beyond this plane, I believe that is why he has made a move to become captain of the ship now. Whatever he is planning will be going down soon. Take this gift, it is a compass, it will allow you to track what you seek no matter where it goes. With this you can follow the Deliverance into Tar’trus itself.”

“That’s it,” she snapped as she took the small metal disc, “I could compel you to give me more aid with my song, or even bring this place down, I want…”

“No,” Barcu cut her off, his hundreds of years as a mystic warrior showing on his fierce and powerful face, “you are facing an enemy with untold powers, I have given you the means to find him, I fear you may be the only one able to stop him. I wish I could offer you more than that, but this is a battle I can not be part of. The great whale protects me from your spell, but destroying this building will only lead to your arrest and slow your quest down. I suggest you gather what allies you have in this city and go after the ship sooner rather than later.”


Do you

1, Go to The Rusted Trident looking for allies

2, Go after the Deliverance alone

3, Destroy the embassy anyway

4, Try to persuade Barcu to send someone with you


Part four of the collaborative project featuring
 carolina-hypnoTheStonemiester1DarkHeroineCorruptorMaurislave and FairyPrincessJess make sure to check them out for future chapters.

Part 3 found here  Areon CYOA - Chapter 3: Finding AnswersAelia's thin brows furrowed into a hard stare as the only sounds around her were the wind rushing in from the sea, and the tortured gurgles of the man dying in front of her. She didn't know his name. Heather would have said it of course, and she would know which of her many stories he was involved in, but she had never cared to match this face to a name. Only one face on the Deliverance mattered. A face that would never smile again. A voice that would never sing with her again.
It was his fault.
Would she have done the same thing in his situation? Her lips turned down as her frown deepened. Would she have killed a close cousin if Krath had threatened Heather? Maybe. Even probably. But she would have fully accepted if that person's lover had then come to kill her. She wouldn't expect mercy. She wouldn't have deserved mercy. She would have been a coward, willing to murder just to get out of confronting evil.
His blood seeped into the sand.
He cried out in sudden pain as his body w

The poll can be found here darkheroinecorruptor.deviantar…


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